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Multilingual & Pluricultural

Children's Books

Delivered directly at your doorste

Recommended by partnering nurseries/schools 


Children, Parents & Schools Love Our Selection

“It's really neat, the packaging is tastefully chosen, the little note that comes with the books is so cute and the two books are really nice ! Really a big BRAVO for what you have created"

Lydia's mom

Lausanne, Switzerland 

Our Story

From Our Family To Yours

Our venture finds its name from our daughter, *Selma, who symbolizes our dedication to narratives that empower and educate.

Les Contes de Selma was born as personal challenge - to make culturally significant, high-quality books accessible to every child. A book holds more than just words and images; it's a way to convey emotions, values, cultures and stories, creating lasting memories.

*Selma means "peaceful" in Arabic.


2 books every 2 months 

We carefully select two books each month for you, providing a richer reading experience.

Customized to You 

Each book is chosen based on your child's age and languages, ensuring a tailored reading experience.

Quality & Diversity 

The books are of high quality and represent a variety of cultures and traditions, offering continuous exploration of the world.

Home Delivery 

The books are delivered directly to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

Excellent Value for Money 

For only *24 CHF per month, you are investing in your child's cultural enrichment, self-confidence and their love for reading.

Embrace their uniqueness and foster respect among each others

Beyond language learning, we value the beauty of our diversity, the unique personalities and talents each child possesses. We commit to foster an accepting readings that celebrates our diversity.

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Cultivate appreciation for diverse cultures & perspectives

As such, you will have the opportunity to discover authentic books curated from independent publishers across countries such as India, Mali, Morocco, England, Switzerland, and many more.

Experience empowering narratives and extraordinary books without the time-consuming search

We make sure to tailor the book selection to your preferences by filtering through thousands of options. This ensures that you get to enjoy the most authentic and captivating stories alongside your little ones.   

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Eco-friendly Purchase Choice  

Investing in a book is investing in the timeless work of artists and artisans, unlike plastic toys that may have a short lifespan. For the same price, you can make an eco-friendly purchase and support the lasting value of culture and knowledge.

You need help ?
We are happy to assist you. 

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