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Multiple Languages. Broader Culture.

Experience The Best Of Storytelling

For Empowered & Confident Children

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Curated Selection of Illustrated Children's Books In French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German...

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Infants (0-2)

When it comes to development & learning, there is no better way than stimulating the senses. This curated selection of books has been assembled to do just that. 

Starts at 24.95chf/mo + shipping.

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Toddlers (2-4)

Capture your toddlers attention and foster their creativity and learning of new languages with this collection of multilingual, short, fun and exciting stories.

Starts at 24.95chf/mo + shipping.


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Preschool (4-6)

Nurture your child's growth with amazing stories that enrich their vocabulary, boost their self-confidence and broader their cultural discovery through authentic stories across our society & the world. 

Starts at 24.95chf/mo + shipping.


Make Your Choice

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Little Readers (6-8)

At 6, children begin to unlock the world of reading. They are full of questions about themselves and the world. Our selection is meant to fuel this curiosity and introduce them to wide range of universal themes.


Starts at 24.95chf/mo + shipping.


Pre-K (8-10)

Foster their confidence in their reading skills and promote cultural understanding & open discuss about wide range of themes through creative  illustration and writing.


Starts at 24.95chf/mo + shipping.

Pre-Teen (10-12)

Help your teenage children to be introduced to a wide range of outstanding books inviting them to broader their perspective and discover inspiring historical figures, new authors, illustrators, and different storytelling styles.   

Starts at 24.95chf/mo + shipping.


Why Choosing Us to Send You Books


Our Multilingual Selection to Broader Cultural Understanding

Not only are our books in multiple languages to encourage multilingualism from an early age, but also we filter thousand of books to search for authenticity in representations promoting respect & learning among each others. 

Books Curated from Amazing
Publishers Worldwide 

We make sure to promote the amazing creative books from worldwide publishers.

So our subscribers can discover unique books from India, Mali, Morocco, England, Switzerland and much more...  

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Save Time & Money

We want you to enjoy most of your time discovering with your loved ones a wide range of universal themes, such as : social & racial justice, innovation, mindfulness and environmental consciousness. 

We ensure that our selection brings something special to your family and motivate readers from early age. Each book is selected for it's meaningful stories, inspiring themes and creative illustrations.

Books that Meet
Eco-Friendly Standards

95% of our selected books are made of plant-based inks on sustainably sourced paper to minimise our carbon footprint. 


Our Philosophy

From Our Family To Yours

The name Selma comes from our daughter’s name, which translates to “peaceful” in Arabic. Our first story began with her.


When our daughter was born, we knew we needed to empower her with stories and perspectives that would allow her to grow in full consciousness of an entire universe of possibilities, whistle coming into her own self-confidence and respect to other believes. 

What best than a book to introduce these values! Since then, we have been dedicated to selecting with care and passion the most outstanding books worldwide that we share, from our family to yours. 


Parents & Children Love it ! 

“Les Livres sont splendides ! Comme d'habitude, nous nous réjouissons de recevoir notre coffret"

Emma's mom

Bernex, Switzerland 


How It Works ?


1. Choose Your Plan & Save Time and Money 

Choose a plan tailored to your child/ children age(s) and languages. Get 1 month, 2 months, 6 months or a yearly subscription. 


2. Get Your Child an Unforgettable Eco-Friendly Gift Box !

Perfect for birthday and special celebrations, our box contains delighteful illustrated book(s), a personalised tote bag with your child name and surprises from partners.   


3. Books delivered to your doorstep monthly or bi-monthly

Enjoy the convenience for having your books arrive at your doorstep. You can easily pause or cancel.  

You need help ? Please contact us. We will be happy to assist you. 

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