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#What makes us unique?

The first multi-cultural & multi-lingual book service

100% inspired and designed in Switzerland. With multilingual children’s books in French, English, Arabic and soon Spanish, German and Portuguese; we ensure a diverse range of books to spark their imagination.

Stories that inspire, empower & connect

We offer books for all children that provide an immersive experience in our cosmopolitan world, based on universal themes such as managing emotions, environmental issues and historical figures.

Experience the best of storytelling

Each selection is carefully curated to ensure meaningful stories with real added value in terms of content and captivating illustrations. With my experience as a mother, I have selected each book with great care, ensuring that the books bring something extra special to your family.


Raising empowered & confident children

The name Selma comes from my daughter’s name, which translates to “peaceful” in Arabic and reflects the essence of what I strive to achieve in my social-orientated enterprise. When my daughter was born, I knew I needed to empower her with stories that will open her eyes to a world of possibilities and instill in her respect for diverse ways of thinking and cultures. Every day, I create these collections of books with great care to ensure that families can access to high-quality books curated with a wide range of social & racial justice, empowerment, empathy, mindfulness and self-confidence, so that young readers can explore reading in a meaningful way.



Choose a plan tailored to your child's age and language. Get a discovery box or subscribe for 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year. Or give your child an unforgettable, eco-friendly gift box! Perfect for birthdays and other special occasions, this box contains a book, a sustainable toy or set of crayons, and a personalised tote bag.


Enjoy the convenience of having your books arrive at your doorstep. Easily pause or cancel anytime.


Nurture your child’s growth with amazing stories that boost their self-confidence and open their eyes to the world. Your child can discover, learn and explore their own identity through authentic representation as well as combat stereotypes from an early age.

Our readers love it

It's really neat, the packaging is tastefully chosen, the little note that comes with the books is so cute and the two books are really nice! Really a big BRAVO for what you have created!
Letizia, Lausanne
The selection is very varied and eclectic. Every month, I introduce my daughter to inspiring and little-known historical figures.
Khalid, Geneva
I love it ! I can't wait to read with my daughter.
Hala, Lausanne
Great concept! A passionate selection that takes into account several criteria for the pleasure of parents and children.
Anouck, Nyon

Find the Right Books for Your Child

Our age-specific collections

0- 2 years

Engage their senses

When it comes to learning and development, there is no better way than stimulating the senses. Our carefully curated selection of books for babies and toddlers has been designed to do just that - stimulate sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste in an enjoyable and educational way. These books will captivate young minds while they explore the world around them.

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3-5 years

Spark their imagination

Capture their attention and foster their creativity with this collection of short, fund, and exciting stories that encourage learning through engaging story lines and captivating illustrations. They're designed to engage young readers and help them gain confidence in their reading skills.

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6-12 years

Stimulate their curiosity

At 6 years old, children begin to unlock the world of reading. They are full of questions about themselves, their environment and the world around them. To help fuel this curiosity and promote cultural understanding, we have carefully curated this selection to ensure it offers diverse themes, perspectives and cultural identities for children aged 6-12.

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Are you looking for a way to introduce your children to our exciting cosmopolitan world, build their confidence and develop a love of learning ?

Subscribe to our multi-lingual book service today and provide your children with quality books that will open their eyes to new perspectives.

Les contes de Selma
Les contes de Selma
Les contes de Selma
Les contes de Selma
Les contes de Selma
Les contes de Selma
Les contes de Selma
Les contes de Selma
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