Our Story


In 2019, our little girl; “Selma” ; was born, and by the magic of things, we were instantly transformed into parents.  

Fulfilled with happiness, excitement, and fatigue from 365 days without sleep, we are now responsible for an exquisite little Swiss girl. Binational parents, quadri-linguists, and living in a city where hundreds of nationalities live, and coexist, we wondered how can we pass on our cultural heritage? the heritage of her country, of our countries; historical and current facts, philosophies of life from here and elsewhere; values of respect on living with others, while being aware of oneself, society and the environment?  

Children's books came as a revelation! No better than a good book for dreaming the world. A book yes! But not just any; a book where Africa is not only a savannah populated by elephants, princesses all dressed in the same way, or children all having the same dreams, and concerns. A book which presents in all authenticity our living together.

The quest for the book is thus launched. Whether in Switzerland, Algeria, or deep in Siberia, wherever the book is, we are looking for it.

Because we want books to open our minds and rise.

Because all stories matter.