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Category : Philosophical 

Brothers Grimm, Maguma

In the classic story by the Grimm brothers, a young man called Hans exchanges his hard-earned piece of gold for one object after another, in a series of increasingly unprofitable trades… until he is left with nothing. Is Hans just a naive young man duped by wily strangers looking to make a profit, or is he wise beyond his years, searching for something greater than monetary value?

Spanish artist Maguma reinterprets this classic tale of greed and need for a contemporary reader, creating two parallel visual narratives—one set in times past and the other rooted in a dystopian present. The fates of Hans and those he encounters abound with possibilities and calamities. As possessions and fortunes are rapidly exchanged, who wins and who loses? And what exactly does winning and losing entail?

Bologna Prize - Best Publisher Asia 2013 

The London BOOK FAIR, International Book Industry Excellence Awards 2014 

What we like about it : A classical tale reimagined for the 21st century. It challenges our perception to measure value. Is value only about acquiring, exchanging and gaining new material, or does it concern the state of individual well-being far from gaining or losing perspective? The quality of the material is absolutely stunning. This is definitely one of our favorite to have in every bookshelf. 

Maguma : Is the pseudonym for Spanish artist Marcos Guardiola Martín, who is based in Madrid and works for a growing number of publications, including dailies, weeklies and political journals across Europe and Latin America. Trained as an architect in Madrid, Maguma brings to his work a sense of space and surface that is unique.

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