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Why Choosing to Subscribe ?

Our Multilingual Selection to Broader Cultural Understanding

Not only are our selected books in 7 languages to encourage multilingualism from an early age, but also we strongly believe in the important to opening up to different cultures and perspectives to promote respect & learning among each others. 

Our books includes themes such as social & racial justice, innovation, mindfulness and environmental consciousness. 

Books Curated from Independent
Publishers Worldwide 

Your subscription makes it possible to discover unique books from India, Mali, Morocco, England, Switzerland and much more.


90% of our selected books are coming from local & independent publishers worldwide. They commit to create culturally and linguistically relevant books, important to children's development.   

Eco-Friendly Initiative 

95% of our selected books are made of plant-based inks on sustainably sourced paper to minimise our carbon footprint. 


Our subscription box are shipped every 2 months so to reduce our carbon footprint inherent to delivery.

Subscription system makes it possible to reduce the level of wasted and destroyed books associated to large scale book industry.  

Save Time & Money

We filter thousand of books to search for authenticity as we want you to spend your time experiencing the best of storytelling with your loved ones. 

Our subscription boxes are good value for money. With each box your receive long lasting quality book so you can build an interesting bookshelves as well as relevant thematic goodies to support sustainable brands. 

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