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Category: Self confidence, living together  

Karkarah which translates from Arabic as "tickling" deals with the day-to-day life of Yasar, a child with Down syndrome. In this story, Yasar tells us about his family, his feelings, his family, and his interests. He invites us to get to know him, laugh with him and accept him for who he is because he is just like us.

Points for discussion:
-What are Yassar’s favorite things?
- What are your favorite things?
-What are the things that bother Yassar?
-What are the things that bother you?
- What do you have in common with Yassar?
- What does Yassar sometimes do that bothers other kids?
- Do you sometimes do things that bother people?
- What does Down syndrome mean? Is it a hereditary disease? Can you be treated for it?
- How are you different from other people in your class?
- Does it make you feel happy or sad that you differ from other people? Why?

What we like about it: A heartwarming story, affordable for toddlers to esteem the values of respect, and illustrate that we remain close and cherish the same moments beyond differences. We also like the short sentences, which enrich the child's vocabulary about daily activities. 

Yazan Masarweh: An active member of puppet shows and the international Red Noses society. After graduation with a BA in translation, he decided to work in a different field. Because of his artistic inclinations, he worked as a graphic designer for over 15 years and changed course again when he discovered the wonderful world of children's books while working with a puppet theatre group. He mastered the art of storytelling and became well known for his exciting presentations. He produced a number of plays for children of different ages. His hands-on experience with children storytelling and puppet theatre led to his first early reader story “Zayzafoona”.

Marcela Calderon: A children's book illustrator. She grew up in San Nicolás, Argentina, surrounded by streams, trees, nature, and pets that were her inspiration. She has always drawn. For years, she was devoted to music, playing the flute and studying it until her passion for illustration grew. Today, music is part of each drawing, accompanying her in the creative process. Marcela likes the smell of graphite, the scent of wood pencils, the sound of chalk soaring through the paper, the texture of the acrylic, the feel of the eraser, the mixture of colors being born in the palette, and the brightness of a new white sheet, although she uses her graphic tablet too much to paint. Basically, Marcela loves to draw. When she‘s not drawing, she enjoys going out on her mountain bike through the fields nearby, where she feels free and happy. 

Al Salwa Publishing (Jordan) 

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