The Alphabet – Adam & Mishmish

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Category: Board Book, Awakening, Alphabet 

The Alphabet book by Adam & Mishmish is a fun book that presents the Arabic alphabet in an interactive and creative way. The child can flip the pages like a normal book or choose to spread the book out and read the alphabets in one line.

The Alphabet book is linked to a song and an Augmented Reality App through QR codes at the back of the book and the Lets Go Series Set so that parents and children can enjoy interacting and singing along while flipping through the book!

The Alphabet book by Adam & Mishmish is an excellent book for parents wanting to teach their children the Arabic Alphabet with a catchy song that they will forever remember.

What we like about it: That is one of Selma's favourite books. Learning the alphabet through this accordion board book has never been that fun. A great moment that we love to share with our little girl. 

Adam Wa Mishmish: An educational cartoon created for children to learn and love the Arabic language. It is aimed at children in the early years, ages 0 to 5, and all episodes are music based for Arabic learning. Each episode is between 1 to 3 minutes long and focuses on a different subject each time, ranging from alphabets, numbers, musical instruments, animals etc…

Lutfi Zayed: An illustrator and comic artist based in Amman, Jordan. Zayed has showcased his work in several festivals and exhibitions, and published his first comic book, titled “485 Frames” in 2019.

Al Salwa Publishing (Jordan) 

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